miércoles, 22 de enero de 2014

Moonlight Desktop Environment Project


To create a desktop environment compatible with low performance devices, for the purposes of applications, data and hardware management, built on the principles of modularity, integration, weightlessness and simplicity, utilizing open source technologies.
The integration in Moonlight-desktop is at achieved, internally, by grouping the different modules into a single application as plug-ins and, externally, by making an extensive usage of the XDG standards in order to ease the interoperability with third party applications.


Create: A desktop environment that fit into a low performance devices such as raspberry-pis, old computers, embedded devices and others devices where modern desktop environments are useless due its huge memory footprint.
Learn: As a very new project here we are all learning so this could be your chance to develop your skills.
Experiment: By reusing the components that others had created you will have the opportunity to try out your ideas for a desktop environment with out too much effort.
Share: The modular approach offers also the opportunity to use the different components outside this desktop environment helping to create a common base for all GNU/Linux desktop environments.

Areas of collaboration

Interface design

Require skills

You don't have to be an expert in any of these fields in order to get involved.
Development: Developers should be familiar with the C++ language, the Qt 5 framework and the Cmake toolkit.
Design: Use of some image edition tool as Gimp and a lot of imagination.
Documentation: HTML, CSS and other web technologies.
Internationalization: Usage of Qt 5 internationalization tool.
Testing: Usage of CTest, Valgrind, GDB.